PVS-Studio: static code analysis technology

PVS-Studio provides static analyzers for C, C++, C# and Java languages on Windows, Linux and macOS platforms. PVS-Studio analyzers can vary slightly due to certain features that the languages have. However, all our analyzers share common technologies and approaches to the implementation of static analysis.

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Errors and suspicious code fragments in .NET 6 sources

The .NET 6 turned out to be much-awaited and major release. If you write for .NET, you could hardly miss such an event. We also couldn’t pass by the new version of this platform. We decided to check what interesting things we can find in the sources of .NET libraries.

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Embedded Development Explained | How Can Static Analysis Help?

What is embedded development? What sets it apart from other types of software development? What difficulties do developers of embedded software encounter when just starting out? In this video, we tried to briefly answer these and other questions. Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback!

Have fun watching this video and coding πŸ™‚