PVS-Studio: static code analysis technology

PVS-Studio provides static analyzers for C, C++, C# and Java languages on Windows, Linux and macOS platforms. PVS-Studio analyzers can vary slightly due to certain features that the languages have. However, all our analyzers share common technologies and approaches to the implementation of static analysis.

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Short-lived music [MuseScore code analysis]

No project is perfect – whichever open-source project you examine, you can find a bug, or two – or… Welcome to our new video series where we study cases like this one. Let’s start with MuseScore: we downloaded and inspected the project’s source code. Now sit back and relax while we talk about the peculiar code fragments we found.

Have fun watching this video and coding 🙂

Everything You Wanted to Know About PVS-Studio

We often get questions from developers or managers who hear about the PVS-Studio analyzer. What do they usually ask? We have a pretty extensive list! 📚 Today we’ve selected the most interesting questions and will try to answer them in this video ☝️

Have fun watching this video and coding 🙂