The First Bug on Mars

In 1971, the USSR delivered the first planetary rovers on skis to Mars, whose task was to puncture the surface with a rod (housing a dynamic penetrometer and a radiation densitometer) to see if Mars was solid or liquid dusty. The first probe crashed on November 27; the second soft-landed on December 2 but didn’t manage to get out of the “shell” of the lander, so that attempt didn’t count.


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Linux version of PVS-Studio couldn’t help checking CodeLite

As is probably known to our readers, PVS-Studio static analyzer is exploring a new development direction – the Linux platform; as you may have noticed from the previous articles, it is doing well. This article shows how easily you can check a project with the help of the Linux version of the analyzer, because the simpler PVS-Studio for Linux is, the more supporters it will have. This time our choice was the CodeLite project. CodeLite was compiled and tested in Linux. Let’s see what results we got.


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