BUG OF THE MONTH | An always-false expression

V547 Expression ‘h == 0’ is always false. jpegcodec.cpp 252

BLResult blJpegDecoderImplProcessMarker(....) noexcept {
  uint32_t h = blMemReadU16uBE(p + 1);
  // ....
  if (h == 0)
  // ....
  impl->delayedHeight = (h == 0); // <=
  // ....

In this code fragment, the result of the blMemReadU16uBE function call is assigned to the h variable. Then if the h == 0 check is true, we exit from the function’s body. During initialization impl->delayedHeight, the h variable has non-zero value. Thus, impl->delayedHeight is false.

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