BUG OF THE MONTH | Assignment to Variable without Use

private void Draw(Rect windowRect)
  var rect = new Rect(....);
  if (m_NumFilteredVariants > 0)
    if (m_NumFilteredVariants > maxFilteredLength)
      rect.y += rect.height;
    GUI.Label(rect, "No variants with these keywords");
    rect.y += rect.height;                               // <=

  rect.y = windowRect.height - kMargin - kSpaceHeight – 
    EditorGUI.kSingleLineHeight;                         // <=

V3008 The ‘rect.y’ variable is assigned values twice successively. Perhaps this is a mistake. Check lines: 370, 366. ShaderVariantCollectionInspector.cs 370

The analyzer reports that the same variable — rect.y — is assigned a value twice and the code does not use the variable between the assignments. If we take a closer look, we’ll see that the value for this variable is produced a bit higher in the code, under the m_NumFilteredVariants > maxFilteredLength condition — and is also lost.

Consequently, all variable value changes, except for the last one, make no sense.

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